Mike Fitzgerald on "Sequencing at the Broad"
Jul 6, 2010

Mike Fitzgerald of the Broad Institute discusses sequencing platforms and pipeline overviews on June 2, 2010 at the...

Darren Grafham on "Using New Tech Data at the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute"
Jul 6, 2010

Darren Grafham of the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute discusses the three platforms currently in use for sequencing...

Chris Daum on "An inside look at the JGI's Sequencing Operation"
Jul 6, 2010

Chris Daum of the DOE Joint Genome Institute discusses how the DOE JGI's Production Sequencing group optimizes the...

Faye Schilkey on "The Genome Sequencing Center at NCGR"
Jul 6, 2010

Faye Schilkey from the National Center for Genome Resources discusses NCGR's research, sequencing and analysis...

Sequencing Technologies Panel at SFAF
Jul 6, 2010

From left to right: Steve Turner of Pacific Biosciences, Haley Fiske of Illumina, Jim Knight of Roche, Michael Rhodes...

Haley Fiske on "New Applications and Sequencing Instrumentation"
Jul 6, 2010

Haley Fiske of Illumina discusses improvements to Illumina platforms and methods on June 2, 2010 at the "Sequencing,...

Clotilde Teiling on "454 -Investing in future generations"
Jul 6, 2010

Clotilde Teiling of Roche Applied Sciences discusses moving away from sequencing symbiotic environments on June 2,...

Nikos Kyrpides on “The Future of Microbial Genomics”
Jul 6, 2010

Nikos Kyrpides, head of the Genome Biology group at the DOE Joint Genome Institute discusses current challenges in...

Nicole Rosenzweig on “Data Management Requirements for the Rapid...
Jul 6, 2010

Nicole Rosenzweig of OptiMetrics discusses the development of informatics infrastructure for studying bacterial...

Neil Miller on “Genome, epigenome and RNA sequences of monozygotic twins...
Jul 6, 2010

Neil Miller, Deputy Director of Software Engineering at the National Center for Genome Resources, discusses a...