Andrew Bradbury on "Towards experimental annotation of genes by high...
Jul 8, 2010

Andrew Bradbury of Los Alamos National Laboratory discusses turning annotation into a sequencing pipeline on June 3,...

Robert Edgar on "Usearch"
Jul 8, 2010

Robert Edgar from drive5.com discusses a method for "breaking through the BLAST barrier to high-throughput sequence...

Joann Mudge on "Phytopthora capsici"
Jul 7, 2010

Joann Mudge of the NCGR discusses the genome assembly of a polymorphic organism on June 3, 2010 at the "Sequencing,...

Jeff Martin on "Rnnotator assembly pipeline"
Jul 7, 2010

Jeff Martin of the DOE Joint Genome Institute discusses a de novo transcriptome assembly pipeline from short RNA-Seq...

Jim Knight on "Large Genome Assembly with 454 Data"
Jul 7, 2010

Jim Knight of Roche Diagnostics discusses bonobo and tomato assemblies, among other things, on June 3, 2010 at the...

Jim Bristow delivers DOE JGI welcome remarks
Jul 7, 2010

Jim Bristow, Deputy Director of Programs at the DOE Joint Genome Institute, discusses the impact of advances in...

Sequencing Centers Panel at SFAF
Jul 6, 2010

From left to right: Faye Schilkey of NCGR, Johar Ali of OICR, Darren Grafham of Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute,...

Johar Ali on "Genomics at the Ontario Institute for Cancer Reserach"
Jul 6, 2010

Johar Ali of the Ontario Institute for Cancer Research discusses genomics and next-gen applications at the OICR on...

Bob Fulton on "The Genome Center at Washington University"
Jul 6, 2010

Bob Fulton of Washington University discusses the sequencing platforms in use at this large scale genome center on...

Donna Muzny on "NexGen Production - Sequencing and Analysis"
Jul 6, 2010

Donna Muzny of the Baylor College of Medicine Human Genome Sequencing Center discusses next generation sequencing...