The quantic propulsed ship is composed out of the main part of the vessel, the auxiliary device and the quantic device of propulsion. The auxiliary mechanism is composed out of two electromagnetic shells located on the external part of the vessel, one on the upper part and the other on the lower part, and they are put into action by the electromagnets. The quantic device of propulsion is composed out of eight horiyontal quantic generators (1) which are fixed into the conecting star (2), and to a vertical quantic generator (3) that is fixed to the lower part of the connecting star. The quantic generators end outside the vessel with the tips of the mechanism (4). The vertical movement can take place putting into action the external electromagnetic shells, so that they should rotate each in an opposite direction. The non/isolated atomic systems have on the external part of the vessel a positive electromagnetic polarity S and inside, a negative electromagnetic polarity N. A vertical propulsion of energy is obtained which is composed out of a few nuclear particles issued under the form beta, alpha and gamma radiation. For a horiyontal movement the electromagnetic polarities of the non/isolated atomic systems have to changed. There should exist five atomic systems with positive electromagnetic polarity S, external to the vessel in the direction of the progress, and inside the vessel the negative electromagnetic polarity N in the opposite direction of the course: there should exist inside the vessel threee non-isolated atomic systems with positive electromagnetic polarity S and outside the vessel, there should be a negative electromagnetic polarity N obtaining in this way a jet of propulsion under the form of reaction.

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