SDSU Geological Sciences - Seminar - Robert Gaines
Dec 12, 2008

Paleoenvironments, Paleoecology, and Exceptional Preservation in Burgess Shale-type Deposits - Robert Gaines;...

586 Million Year Cycle in Geology Matches Galactic Super-Cluster Spacings
Feb 22, 2008

The longest geological cycle identified is described as about 600 million years in "Megacycles", the proceedings of a...

TeraShake: A Southern California Earthquake Simulation
Oct 8, 2007

The TeraShake simulations modeled the earth shaking that would rattle Southern California if a 230 kilometer section...

Earthquake Simulations
Aug 30, 2007

Kim Bak Olsen, Associate Professor Department of Geological Sciences at San Diego State University, California...

Geoscience in Cyberinfrastructure
Aug 30, 2007

(This is) a discussion of cyberinfrastructure in Geoscience and how it empowers global collaboration among...