Earth Science Video Community -- Discussions Welcome to the Earth Science Community page. 586 million year geological cycle & galaxies There is a very long geological cycle reported in the book "Megacycles" (ed by G Williams from a geological cycles conference) as approximately 600 million years and part of a family 600, 300, 150, 74, 37 million years. The Russian geologist Prof S Afanasiev has reported this cycle to be 586.24 million years long in his book "Nanocycles Method" (in Russian). Based on the latest Hubble constant measurements, a huge wavelike structure of super-galactic clusters has a regular spacing of 588 million light years. The agreement between the two shows that there is some form of standing wave (with propagation velocity of c) that is responsible for both geological cycles and galactic super clusters. The first several of the halving harmonics are also evident in the galaxy spacings. See video. Mar 3, 2008