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Hi there, I write movies and I was thinking about incorporating computer science or hacking elements into a script that is in the very early stages now.

I don't know that much about CS, but I intend on reading different things, so if you want to recommend any easy books for me to read, good, though nothing too technical, more of the macro-understanding of what exists and how it's used out there.

In general though, if you could pose any ideas about interesting topics or conflicts in the field (for the future, or now), great, or maybe you could write even a small example of what could be a variation of a problem or trial that a young student could be quizzed upon, e.g. to be admitted into a prestigious program, like a Mensa or CIA, or whatever. Anything to get my mind's cogs to spin around.

The setting would be Taiwan, so if that changes or shifts your CS or hacking ideas, great.

I'd appreciate any help,

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name - Drew