Implementing Rainwater Harvesting: The City of San Diego's Efforts

March 11, 2010
DOI: 10.4016/16587.01

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UCSD Urban Expo 2010
Key findings:
In this research, I wanted to determine what kind of action the City of San Diego is taking for rainwater harvesting; such as how it is going about developing and integrating it into policy and infrastructure, and what obstacles this faces. I have found that the city has only recently begun to seriously consider rainwater harvesting recently due to a combination of renewed water conservation initiatives as well as the increasing need for a reduction in storm water runoff pollution. Any further action that San Diego will take largely depends upon the results of a current rain barrel pilot study. Until then, rainwater harvesting efforts in San Diego will for the most part be limited to individual efforts.
An investigation into what exactly the City of San Diego is doing regarding rainwater harvesting infrastructure.