Greening the University

The need for sustainability within the university has been apparent for some while now; however it is only recently that this need has been seriously addressed in campus planning. This paper investigates the various approaches to sustainable practices within the university, and further examines the specific challenges and obstacles to the implementation of these practices. Also explored is the new type of collaboration between the sustainability institute and campus planning departments within universities. This research consists of a broad-based analysis of universities throughout the country implementing sustainable practices, with a case study of recent sustainable developments at the University of California, San Diego. The study is conducted with a strong focus on interviews and scholarly journals, using various newspaper articles to measure the history of sustainable practices both at UC San Diego and the neighborhoods around it. This investigation has realized the importance of such sustainable practices as Green Building, following ISO 14001 and EMAS standards, the practicality of various green technologies, as well as the extent to which university campuses throughout the United States have successfully implemented these practices.

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