Swept Under the Rug; Assessing the Questionable Site Selection of Affordable Housing

March 9, 2010
DOI: 10.4016/16531.01

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UCSD Urban Planning Senior Expo 2010
Key findings:
The findings of this study, taken on surface-glance seem to reflect the nature of suburban environments in contemporary times. There are tradeoffs associated with living in a less-dense, more natural-devoted environment that translate to limited access to certain services and an obligatory reliance on the automobile for access to anything in the urban core. The same is true for those inhabiting this urban core; the tradeoff in this instance represented by an increase in availability and access to goods and services, but an overwhelming limitation on personal space, safety, and a community existence that is equitable with that of other residents. Yet this is only a surface observation and is diminished by the true conclusion of these findings. The responses of Powegians reveal a deep and tangible rift between what Northern and Southern populations feel is the health of the city. Divergence in opinions of job supply, of housing supplies and densities, and of a division in general reveal much about the two-Poway’s. Perhaps swept under the rug is an apt metaphor for Park View Terrace, as the sentiments expressed by Northern Powegians certainly align with this ‘out of sight out of mind’ attitude in their ignorance and utter failure to recognize problems that Southern Poway consistently expresses real concern for. There is considerable utility to a community, considered as a unit, to make available affordable housing units that feature access to services, goods, and features of a high necessity, but more importantly, are intermixed amongst the community so as to ensure a more equitable experience of the community.
Current research on affordable housing presents the benefits of selecting sites in areas of high opportunity, specifically intimating that... » More

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