Examining 'Food Culture' for Grassroots Mobilization

by: rlee
March 9, 2010
DOI: 10.4016/16518.01

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UCSD Urban Studies & Planning Senior Sequence Expo 2010
Key findings:
In this research, I wanted to look into how ethnic refugee and immigrant communities could gain better access to healthy food options in City Heights, San Diego. I found that these residents have access to an abundance of food nodes that sell fresh vegetables and fruits at low costs. Thus, spatial proximity and relative affordability are not the key food issues. Through analyzing the food cultures of the ethnic communities, I found that much as to do with the residents' knowledge and perceptions about food in their physical built environment and system.
My postercast provides an overview of my thesis on the food culture of City Heights, which includes the purpose of my research, findings/analysis,... » More