The Character of Infill: A Case Study of Hillcrest's Uptown Shopping Center

by: jlngo
March 9, 2010
DOI: 10.4016/16502.01

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Urban Expo 2010
Key findings:
Community participation in the design of the development was essential to its success. The participation of the public sector in creating redeveloping an empty big-box lot recaptured lost space for the community. The public sector, the City of San Diego and a number of local community groups, in partnership with private developers Oliver McMillan and Odmark & Thelan, took a proactive role in developing the site into a mixed-use, transit-oriented development. This community-focus design effort was essential to the way in which the site was developed and it is this focus that has arguably been key to the site’s success. By creating a pedestrian-scale development, breaking down the masses of the building and lining University Avenue with storefronts, the site provides public space suited to the larger context of Hillcrest.
As new undeveloped land becomes scarce in San Diego and the economic downturn has put pressure on existing developments, particularly retail and... » More