ASC Kavli Video Contest Entry
Sep 2, 2010

Paula, Harry, and Geovanni tell us why they love science!

Sep 1, 2010

This is a video about why science is fun. This is shown through kinetic and potential energy.

Science Brings the COOL to Life!
Aug 31, 2010

Hi, my name is Melissa I have been a volunteer for the Junior Academy of Science St. Louis for 7 years. During the...

The Value of Science
Aug 31, 2010

A minute long educational commercial showing the many ways that science positively effects our lives.

Why Science is Cool!
Aug 31, 2010

A classroom goes funky when an assignment inspires a beat. Science is cool, Word!

Why Is Science Cool? - Science Experiments
Aug 31, 2010

In this short video created for the Kavli Science Video Contest, I explain the reason why I think science is...

science is cool
Aug 31, 2010

This video shows how rubbing alcohol burn.

Georgia 4-H Science Initiative
Aug 31, 2010

A quick commercial on what Georgia 4-H has to offer with science.

Distilling Survival
Aug 31, 2010

When the asteroid Apophis strikes Earth (or so it seems) in 2036, two students respond to their instincts for...

The Awesomeness in Science
Aug 31, 2010

This video shows various ways that science can entertain you.