Green Fuel = Economic Development

This video postulates that by creating "green fuel" cultivation and integrated processing facilities that take waste products from each other as feedstock (including algae & jatropha, anaerobic digesters, manure & wastewater processing, gasifiers, fish farms, dairy farms, and electric generating) that each becomes an independent, secure source of local energy (renewable gasoline, renewable diesel and renewable jet fuels) and expands the commercial reach for both products and raw materials in commercial and industrial development. We therefore envision that by establishing this capability in every town and regional center that we create a "fabric" of modern society with a prosperous middle class population throughout previously underdeveloped and even the poorest of presently under-served communities. It is, therefore in the economic best interests of all of the modern developed countries to provide the economic tools to create this kind of economic expansion, thus creating vastly greater markets for their own exports, as well as richer sources for imports, while at the same time addressing the issues of climate change, reducing fossil carbon sources use, and energy security. The concept is called "Reupholster AFRICA" but of course that is merely symbolically alluding to the transformational possibilities of applying this strategy to any underdeveloped segment of the globe.

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