Is the Sky the Limit for Wind Power?
Sep 15, 2010

In the future, will wind power tapped by high-flying kites light up New York? A new study by scientists at the...

Our water saving toilet
Sep 15, 2010

A water saving toilet that can be retrofitted to any toilet

LeviCar -- the New Future of Personal Transportation
Sep 14, 2010

LeviCar is a system of modular personal cars that can be driven on the road, or go 300 mph on a Magnetic-Levitation...

The Evolution of the Human Forebrain: Inputs from Environmental Factors
Sep 13, 2010

The Evolution of the Human Forebrain occurs through the processes of Inputs via Environmental Factors and...

Ethical Artificial Intelligence
Sep 3, 2010

A revolution in the understanding and implementation of an artificially intelligent virtuous computer concerning the...

Decoding the Riddle of Mental Illness
Sep 3, 2010

Decoding the Riddle of Mental Illness through an overall communicational dynamic. The communicational factors...

Cool things to do with solar
Jul 30, 2010

using solar pv panels, charles takes us on a tour of the things he's powering with solar, including an electric...

Oil bp parody to help stop fuel dependency
Jul 6, 2010

A few young artist. Come together to rap about the importance to finding an alternative to oil dependency. Based on...

World Changing Ideas: The Global Energy Transformation Institute
Jun 14, 2010

This original video, produced for the "Scientific American World Changing Ideas Video Contest," features Global...

Urban Power USA
Jun 13, 2010

Presentation about an innovative, low cost wind turbine using alternative aerodynamic principles to create...