What Mr. Stuart says on 2nd day of his inguinal hernia repair without mesh in India

Mr. Stuart searched on the internet and found that there are so many patients suffering after their inguinal hernia was repaired with a mesh prosthetic. So he wanted his inguinal hernia repaired without mesh. He found one such centre "Indian Hernia Institute" in India and another "Shouldice Centre" in Canada. He decided to go to India for reason that the surgery done In this institute does not leave any foreign body in side you. Even sutures used in side are absorbable. He contacted with other english speaking patients who were operated by this "Dr. Dearda Repair" technique. He was satisfied, went to India, got operated and now watch what he says. wanted his inguinal hernia repaired without mesh. Mesh is a foreign body. Therefore, its use in inguinal hernia repairs is known to cause all sorts of complications like pain, recurrence, infection etc. We have developed an innovative new technique of inguinal hernia repair without mesh. It uses your own body muscle for repair and gives virtually complete cure from inguinal hernia problem. An undetached strip of the external oblique aponeurosis is stitched on the weak area between the muscle arch and the inguinal ligament to form a new, strong and physiologically dynamic posterior wall that gives protection and prevents re-herniation. Normally patient goes home in a day after surgery and can drive car and go to office in 3-4 days time. This "Dr.Desarda's hernia repair" is now followed in many countries all over the world. We are surprised to see the enquiries from many patients in the developed countries asking for this repair in their country. This is because this operation does not use any foreign body like mesh for repair and therefore there are no complications that are seen in mesh repairs. A visit to Topix or other hernia forums show thousands of posts showing sufferings of many patients due to mesh repairs. But still why surgeons from developed countries are interested in mesh repairs is a big question for us. Please visit our website for more details:

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