Recovery after inguinal hernia repair without mesh done in India

A STORY OF MR. DAVID FROM USA LOS ANGELES IS WORTH LISTENING: Mr. David said that he did not wish to insert a foreign body like mesh in his body for hernia repair. He had heard from his friends and well wishers and also read and learnt from the internet about complications of a foreign body or mesh and the chances of recurrences after mesh repair. He made an immense research on the internet for any available technique of hernia repair that does not use mesh. He found to his amazement that there are only two centers all over the world which specialize in pure tissue repair of hernia. One is ‘Shouldice center’ in Canada and another is ‘Desarda Center’ in India. This is how he came to know about ‘Desarda’s Repair’ while searching on internet and liked it because it is without mesh or any foreign body and virtually free from recurrences thereafter. David Williamson, a 37 years patient from Los Angeles, USA came to Pune to Dr. Desarda for getting operated for his groin hernia. Mr. David flew from USA and reached Mumbai and then Pune at 4AM in the morning on 7.10.2007. He was operated at 11 AM in Poona Hospital on the same day and was allowed to move out of bed and go to bathroom within 4-5 hours after surgery. He was permitted to move freely all around as and when he wanted. There were no restrictions. He was freely moving all around the ward on second day. He came down the staircase on third day with his hand bag luggage, took auto-rickshaw and went on his own to ATM centre to withdraw the money. On 4th day he went to Rajneesh Oschio Ashram and spent whole day there to attend there various course activities. A local patient is discharged from the hospital on the same day or next day morning and he is advised to attend all his routine work without any restrictions thereafter. Please visit website for more details:

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