Senior Sequence Class of 2009-2010

This group is for the Senior Sequence Class of 2008-2009. All students majoring in Urban Studies and Planning must complete the Senior Sequence during their senior year. The Sequence is made up of two classes including USP 186: Senior Sequence Research Proposal in the fall quarter, and USP 187: Senior Sequence Research Project in the winter quarter. Each student also completes 100 hours of service learning in an internship placement of their own choosing. Over this six-month journey (September to March), students learn how to: (1) critically review research literature, (2) formulate interesting, theoretically-informed research questions of their own, (3) write a research proposal with an original topic and investigative strategy , (4) conduct research individually and as part of student-mentor research teams, and (5) analyze, interpret, and write-up findings. The final requirement of the Sequence is a Senior Research Project (SRP). Students share the findings of their SRP in the form of poster board presentations and multimedia at USP’s annual Urban Expo in mid-March.

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