"Flash" Updates of GSC projects at GSC8
Sep 29, 2009

In quick succession, MPI-Bremen's Frank Oliver Glockner, Berkeley Lab's Victor Markowitz, DOE JGI's Nikos Kyrpides,...

Dawn Field gives GSC8 opening remarks
Sep 22, 2009

Dawn Field of the UK Centre for Ecology & Hydrology presents the overview of the Genomic Standards Consortium's 8th...

Field on GEM Catalogue and Sansone on ISA-GCDML workshop at GSC8
Sep 25, 2009

Dawn Field of the NERC Centre for Ecology & Hydrology briefly introduces the GEM Catalogue, followed by Susanna...

Field on RCN4GSC and Sterk on MIGS-compliant data curation at GSC8
Sep 25, 2009

Dawn Field of the NERC Centre for Ecology & Hydrology briefly describes RCN4GSC and Peter Sterk of the NERC Centre...

George Garrity on SIGS at GSC8
Sep 25, 2009

George Garrity of Michigan State University talks about the GSC's open-access journal SIGS at the Genomic Standards...

Janet Jansson on the Terragenome Initiative at GSC8
Sep 25, 2009

Janet Jansson of the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory discusses the Terragenome Initiative at the Genomic...

Jeroen Raes on the Tara-Oceans project at GSC8
Sep 25, 2009

Jeroen Raes of the University of Brussels discusses the Tara-Oceans expedition at the Genomic Standards Consortium's...

Kolker on a Systems Biology Encyclopedia and Sansone on ISA Infrastructure at...
Oct 5, 2009

Eugene Kolker from Seattle Children's Hospital briefly discusses "The Encyclopedia of Systems Biology and OMICS,"...

NCBI's Ilene Mizrachi on Standards and the INSDC at GSC8
Sep 25, 2009

Ilene Mizrachi of the NCBI talks about submission of MIGS/MIMS/MIENS information at the Genomic Standards...

Nikos Kyrpides on a GSC Global Genome Census at GSC8
Sep 25, 2009

Nikos Kyrpides of the DOE Joint Genome Institute discusses the notion of a global genome census at the Genomic...