Andy Weissberg on the International Standard Text Code

August 25, 2009
DOI: 10.4016/12385.01

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NISO/BISG Standards Landscape Forum
A newly approved ISO standard, the International Standard Text Code (ISTC - ISO 21047:2009), provides a means of uniquely and persistently identifying textual works in information systems, and facilitates the exchange of information about these works between every point in the supply chain on an international level. The ISTC makes it possible to group products containing the same content--or even, in some cases, different content with the same origin--together, optimizing their discoverability in search engines and improving collections management and sales & loans analysis. In this presentation, Andy Weissberg will describe the business cases associated with ISTC and how the entire book industry can participate and benefit from this emerging industry standard.
Andy Weissberg, VP of Identifier Services at Bowker presents on the International Standard Text Code during the NISO/BISG Standards Landscape... » More