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Description: Interviews with Leading Experts
Recorded at CSHL's Biology of Genomes Conference 2008
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George Weinstock, Ph.D. joined The Genome Center at Washington University in 2008 where he is Associate Director and Professor of Genetics. Previously, he was involved in building one of three NIH-funded large-scale Genome Centers (Baylor College of Medicine Human Genome Sequencing Center, HGSC)...

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Hillary Sussman received a PhD in Human Genetic Toxicology from the University at Albany in 2002. Until 2004, she worked as a freelance science writer on Long Island in New York, writing for magazines such as The Scientist and Drug Discovery Today. Since then, Dr. Sussman has been Executive...

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Dr. Dietrich Stephan is a human geneticist who works to understand the root causes of common human diseases so that early diagnostics and interventions can be implemented. Dr. Stephan most recently was the deputy director of discovery research at the Translational Genomics Research Institute and...