The Scientist Video Awards 2009 -- Discussions Got videos? Send them to us! The Scientist magazine is hosting "The Scientist Video Awards", in partnership with SciVee. So if you have a short video targeted to life scientists, submit it to our contest by May 15 by adding it to one of the connected communities listed on this community page. We’ll judge the entries (and ask our readers to pick their favorites), and announce the winners this summer, accompanied by analysis by judges of what makes them great. There are two categories: Individual (created with funding from an individual or single research grant) or Institution (created with funding from a corporation or research institution). The rules of the contest are simple: -All videos must be 7 minutes or less -All videos must be targeted to life scientists -Non-commercial videos, only Videos will be judged on scientific content, concept/originality, entertainment value, and production quality. Here’s how to upload your video: 1. Go to and login to Scivee or register if you're not already a user. 2. Follow the video upload process: - Mark your entry as a "video only." - Give your video a title, a short description, and list the authors - Choose the appropriate audience and subject areas. 3. When asked to enter tags, make sure you put either TSVA-Individual or TSVA-Institution to submit your entry to the appropriate category. 4. Click finish and you'll be automatically entered into the contest. It's that easy!