Senior Sequence Class of 2008-2009 -- Discussions This group is for the Senior Sequence Class of 2008-2009. All students majoring in Urban Studies and Planning must complete the Senior Sequence during their senior year. The Sequence is made up of two classes including USP 186: Senior Sequence Research Proposal in the fall quarter, and USP 187: Senior Sequence Research Project in the winter quarter. Each student also completes 100 hours of service learning in an internship placement of their own choosing. Over this six-month journey (September to March), students learn how to: (1) critically review research literature, (2) formulate interesting, theoretically-informed research questions of their own, (3) write a research proposal with an original topic and investigative strategy , (4) conduct research individually and as part of student-mentor research teams, and (5) analyze, interpret, and write-up findings. The final requirement of the Sequence is a Senior Research Project (SRP). Students share the findings of their SRP in the form of poster board presentations and multimedia at USP’s annual Urban Expo in mid-March. Requests for turning off SciVee email notifications Hello all, I received two requests for turning off the email notifications that you receive from SciVee. You can turn off email alerts, but please be advised that Professor Pezzoli had asked that everyone be notified when things were posted, so we set the community up to send email notifications out. I think that the class is nearly done now with the video project, so the emails should taper down now. The steps to stop email notification is located at: Let me know if you have any troubles. Thanks, Apryl Mar 10, 2009 Re: adding postercast to community Hi Ryland, There are instructions at: It looks like either Kristen Langford or the student with member name "kheinema" are your team leaders. They have access to add videos into your community. I went ahead and just did it for you though. Thank you for asking! Apryl Mar 10, 2009 Re: Converting DV Great Christina! Hey you are right, it does look better because the pop ups are more legible! Mar 9, 2009 Re: Instructions for saving out your powerpoint at 2400 pixels Sorry Phuong, I meant the ai file. You may need to send it to: if it is a large file. If for some reason you cannot send it, try to export your file out of Illustrator as a jpeg and then send it in email. The pdf you posted is too small and I cannot up size it. Mar 5, 2009 Re: Uploading time taking long No worries I think I understood anyway! Let me know if you still need help. Mar 5, 2009 Re: Exporting from iMovie'08 I'm uploading mine now. I'll let you know how it comes out. I had no idea what I was doing (besides the fact that I clicked "browse", found my file, and uploaded it). It's taking longer than anticipated but hopefully it'll work just fine. Any help would be more than appreciated, also! Thanks, Andrew Mar 5, 2009 Re: ATTENTION TEAM LEADERS Matt your video was not set to public so I changed it for you. Anyone else having this issue please see: Mar 5, 2009 Re: Need help to publish you postercast? kancheta, I would keep the mov file that you have and convert it to an mp4 using the free software and instructions at: Let me know if you have any questions. Apryl Mar 5, 2009 Recording video with your phone At the end of class a student came up and asked if they could use their phone to record their 3 minute video for their postercast. Although the quality of the video might be grainy and pretty low, using your camera phone to record a video to upload to SciVee is possible if you have bluetooth. You need bluetooth to transfer the file, unless you have another way to get the video file off your camera phone and onto your computer's local drive. Once you get the file off your camera phone and onto your computer you will need to check to see if the video file is in one of the acceptable video formats (asf, avi, flv, mov, mp4, mpeg, mpg, wmv.). If it is not one of the accepted file formats, you can try using a free file conversion tool that I highly recommend called MPEG Streamclip. I have used this program to convert unusable formats to other formats in a pinch many times and it is pretty awesome: Mar 5, 2009 iSight not working? I found some help online for those who have an iSight or built in web cam that is not working: I used this myself on another mac computer and it helped get my video working on the mac web cam. Feb 19, 2009 Which group should I join? Please make sure you joined the correct group. The group you should join is your team group (not the Area of Concentration). The only other group you may want to join is the top level group called "Senior Sequence Class of 2008-2009" listed here: This is where we can post all tech support questions and answers for the entire class. Jan 27, 2009 Re: Two test files to use for the tutorial demonstration When we converted the .ppt poster file in class today and it came out oddly without the full image. This was because the "shrink to fit paper" was not checked. Make sure to check that box when compressing your .ppt file to a .pdf so that your full poster will be included on export. To test uploading a postercast with a pdf try using the one attached below. Please post any of your questions here so that others can benefit from the answers later on. Happy to help you all! Jan 28, 2009 Re: Convert PDF using Microsoft Office 2007 thank you! Jan 27, 2009 Test Poster - Use This! Please see attachment. Jan 27, 2009 Converting PDF file other than using Microsoft Office 2007 Please use the following program: Jan 27, 2009