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I just wanted to let you know that since many of you are uploading right now the SciVee servers may be getting hit pretty hard with all the file transfers and synchronization going on. Sorry if you file is taking a long time.

There are a few things that you may want to try to speed things up.

1) Prior to uploading encode the files into a smaller format than what iMovie or Movie Maker allowed. To try this option see:

2) Use a fast connection that is wired Ethernet, not wireless.


I have tried to upload my poster as a pdf and the website keeps telling me it is corrupt. I try to use the jpg file you made me and it does not work either. It worked once before and now my poster is gone after I had linked it with my video and everything. Also how do you make it so the video is part of the community?


ok my poster is back but the highlighted sections got messed up and I cant re-edit them. It looks awful.


Mine seems to be stuck. After it was done uploading it said "converting" then it changed to "clip-2009-03-05_12;58; uploading at a rate of 19975.11 KB/sec."

It's not allowing me to go to Step 3.

What do you recommend I do? The whole downloading process took 2 hours as it is.





If you go to the link available at:

You can delete the synch points that you do not want by clicking on the numbered bars in the timeline and clicking on the red "X" to delete it.




Sorry for the long download times. Everyone is sort of working on uploading and synching now.


I meant "uploading"....the Scivee process is what has taken me 2 hours....I'm trying a smaller file. Thanks for your help.


No worries I think I understood anyway! Let me know if you still need help.