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Phuong Huynh posted a question about how to export from iMovie''08.

I unfortunately do not have iMovie '08 so I have no way to research test and provide tech support on that particular version of iMovie.

Does anyone else in the class have IMovie '08? And if so, were you able to export your video into a useable format? I helped someone in class to do it, but I cannot remember the exact steps here. Were were able to access the expert settings, but I am not sure how we did it since that was in a class two weeks ago.

Any help you can offer to Phuong would be great!


I'm uploading mine now. I'll let you know how it comes out. I had no idea what I was doing (besides the fact that I clicked "browse", found my file, and uploaded it). It's taking longer than anticipated but hopefully it'll work just fine.

Any help would be more than appreciated, also!