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If you are having troubles saving out your PowerPoint with a high resolution so that the images and text are more clear, check to see if you used the following steps outlined below. Some commands may be slightly different on a pc, but let me know if this does not work:

1) From the main menu choose File > Save As

2) A dialog box will open where you can navigate to the location that you want to save your file (remember where that is on your computer so you can find it later).

3) From the dropdown menu choose pdf

4) Click the Options button

5) A Preferences window will open and under "Advanced Resolution Settings:" you can click the "Size:" radio button and change the size in the first box to width: 2400 (pixels)

6) Click "Ok" then "Save"

Navigate to the place you saved the pdf on your computer.

If you still don't have good luck let me know. I am happy to help!


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Hi Apryl, my poster is not coming out very clearly, but I had to save my powerpoint as a PDF under the 'Print' menu because under 'Save as' my version of PowerPoint (I have a mac, Office 2007) doesn't give saving as a PDF as an option. Is there a way to change the pixels from the print menu? Thanks so much for your help!


Does this need to be done if we are using Powerpoint 2007 version on a PC? If so how?



Hello to you both.

Could you post your ppt here so I can see if I can convert it an repost it for you to upload with your video?


Sorry I have no way of checking those versions since I dont have them. The best bet if you are wanting to do this yourself is to check the help section of the version of the program that you are using. Sorry everyone has so many versions!

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Also rmacfadyen see the thread posted at:

It is about "Convert PDF using Microsoft Office 2007"


For Powerpoint 2007, you'll need to do the following

1/ Click the design tab on the toolbar

2/ Click the page setup button

3/ When the Page Setup Window Pops-Up, set your slide sized for to: Letter head (8.5x11 in.)

4/ Hit Ok

5/ Now, once you convert the page size, the elements on your poster may look weird. Adjust the font size on these elements if it's needed.

6/ Convert to PDF

I hope this helps.



hey apryl i also am having trouble converting my powerpoint. i have attached it below.


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Always download from people you trust and scan the downloaded file with your antivirus.

Thanks for posting that arkbleu. :)


EVERYONE: The tif file or jpeg format are also a good file types to export for SciVee, so try one of those if for some reason your pdf is not looking good once you upload it. You still will need to choose the "Options" button and choose to make the file 2400 pixel width as described above. Also, to keep the file size down and still retain image integrity click on the "Compress Graphic Files" and choose "Best" from the dropdown menu.


Attached below is a jpg file of your poster. This type of file also works on SciVee. I tested it out with good results.

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Always download from people you trust and scan the downloaded file with your antivirus.

Hi Apryl,

I have a mac and am having issues with converting my MS 2008 Powerpoint to a PDF

I would upload my powerpoint onto here, but it won't accept it, it is in a pptx format.

Thank you,


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