If you have many videos that you would like to upload at one time to SciVee, you can request to "bulk upload" them.

There are two parts to bulk uploading to SciVee: (1) providing a link to the video files where SciVee can access them and (2) providing the associated meta data for each video you would like to upload.

After you get your video files encoded in a web ready format and make them available and linkable at an ftp location, you can use one of the the excel sheets linked below to associate each video file with its appropriate meta data. Details about the appropriate entries for each column are located at the top of the excel sheet. Notice that the first column must contain the file name and extension. (You may want to use a consistent naming scheme like name-date.mp4 to keep the files more easily traceable.)

Once you have your meta data completely entered into the excel sheet, simply send the excel file and the link to: info@scivee.tv for upload.

Upload will most likely be queued to occur during off-business hours PST. After upload is complete, you will be notified via the email you used to request bulk upload.

Video Bulk Upload

Postercast Bulk Upload

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