Time lapse videomicrography of the life cycle of Dictostelium

submitted by: Arjumond
Distinct stages of Dictyostelium discoideum life cycle can be seen. As the video starts there is a wave of bacterial growth across the agar. From the implantation site of the spores, you can see the myxamoeba migrating out consuming the E.coli. As the E.coli is consumed you can see a clearing in the agar after which the myxamoeba using chemical signaling form multicellular slugs. The slugs can be seen migrating across the field of view, with the formation of a sorocarp in the upper right...

Aggregation of mouse fetal cells on a SAN nanofiber insert.

submitted by: Arjumond
Visualization of the formation of one large amorphous cell aggregate migrating across the surface of a SAN nanofiber insert. Early passage mouse fetal cells in suspension were injected into a Sykes-Moore chamber containing a SAN nanofiber insert. The cells attached to the nanofiber insert and were observed for seven days using time-lapse videomicrography. Aggregation of a cell monoloayer into one large globular cell aggregate which migrates across the field of view, as observed with 10X...

Robotic Mouse Makes Maze Debut at UC San Diego

submitted by: ucsandiego
An intrepid group of University of California, San Diego undergraduates has designed and build a robotic mouse from scratch. The electrical engineering and computer science undergraduates from the Jacobs School of Engineering also wrote the software to teach the robot to solve a maze. The team unveiled their mouse at the IEEE Region 6 Southwest Area Spring Meeting on Saturday, April 25th, held at UC San Diego. http://ucsdnews.ucsd.edu/newsrel/students/05-09MicroMouse.asp


submitted by: ERIM

荷兰的伊拉斯姆斯管理学院的研究成果。结论:(1)我们探讨公司结构背后的企业家作用 ,(2)企业网络日渐体现其功能并实现专业化,(3)中国的IT企业在进行创新而非模仿 , (4)中国的商业环境呈现本地化。从此书中:《The Chinese Economy in the 21st Century: Enterprise and Business Behaviour》,可以从Edward Elgar出版社获得。超联结:http://www.erim.nl/chinabusiness

Research on Chinese Private Entrepreneurship

submitted by: ERIM
An interview presenting the key research results on Chinese private entrepreneurship by the Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University. In a subtitled interview with Chinese Assistant Professor Zhao Xiaodong, Hans Hendrischke and Mark Greeven discuss the importance of entrepreneurship, the function and professionalisation of networks, innovation in the Chinese IT industry, and the localised nature of the Chinese business environment. These topics are further explored in the book...

NWO Conference: Shift in governance and the emergence of a Chinese business system

submitted by: ERIM
Leading sinologists, economists, and management researchers from Western and Chinese universities came together to discuss the rise of China's economy and the features of its business environment at a conference in Hangzhou, China, in 2006. In this video, they present the most important outcomes of this conference. Speakers include among others Gordon Redding, John Child, and Max Boisot. For more information, visit: www.erim.nl/chinabusiness .