Part I - Definition of CSR

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1 INTRODUCTION 1.1 Background Most design activities are an attempt to improve the world that we live and sustainability has expanded the alternatives for design contribution for a better world by challenging the very nature of design activity. From being part of the problem design now has been asked to be part of the solution. In this sense the present report explores how design can contribute to the social dimension of sustainability within a corporate setting. It also shows that social...
Authors: Aguinaldo dos Santos, Carlo Vezzoli, Sara Cortesi

Part III - Drivers for CSR

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4 DRIVERS/BARRIERS FOR CSR In order to allow a designer to understand his/her role within a CSR initiative it is important he/she understand the various motivations that could drive a business (and a businessman) to invest company assets into social responsibilities. It is important to call attention to the fact that these CSR drivers could also be understood as barriers for CSR on those situations when they are absent. Hence, the focus of the designer on his/her creative process would...
Authors: Aguinaldo dos Santos, Carlo Vezzoli, Sara Cortesi

Chemistry Dry ice

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Dry ice video showing the powerof dry ice

Was ist ... ein Ultrafilter?

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This is a talk (in German) by Peter Krautzberger of Freie Universität, Berlin, given at the "What is ...?" seminar at the Freie Universität on May 17 2008, .

wisskomm tv 40/08

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Die vorläufig letzte Ausgabe: Ein Interview mit dem Medienforscher Prof. Dr. Hans Peter Peters über seine internationale Studie zum Verhältnis von Wissenschaft und Journalismus und als Fundstück den DLR Webcast mit einem Bericht über das Tsunami Frühwarnsystem in Indonesien.

Dr. Phil Bourne, Open Access Day 2008 address

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OA Content the Future of Scientific Publishing presentation by Phil Bourne at SPARC - Open Access Day 2008