Promoting sustainable transportation options: Bicycle Master Planning at UC San Diego

submitted by: TylerLau
Senior Project focused on bicycle planning on university campuses. Three case studies focused on UC Davis, UC Berkeley and UC San Diego and their bicycle plans. The data collected helped determine the needs of the different campuses and the reasons for their bicycle plans and how they affected sustainability. Research was conducted through surveys, interviews, direct observations and review of scholarly literature. Findings include a need for an updated Bicycle Master Plan at UC San Diego...

The Value of Open Space

submitted by: vputzolu

Illustrates my senior research project on how open spaces are valued and how quantifiable models can improve this process.

Inserting an EML-taxonomy fragment into another EML document

submitted by: LTER_NetworkOffice_is

This 2 min 40 secs clip shows how to insert an EML fragment containing taxonomy-related information into another EML document

Converting List of Taxa from ITIS to the Ecological Metadata Language

submitted by: LTER_NetworkOffice_is
Given a list of taxa names, create an Ecological Metadata Language (EML) compliant taxonomic classification that can be embedded in an EML metadata record. We use ITIS to create an SGML- fgdc/bdp compliant fragment, which can be converted directly into an EML fragment. To do so, you can replace the BDP tags by the EML counterparts, using any editor with a Find&Replace function, or using the Perl script provided as attached materials. These are the string replacements needed BDP...

Qualifikationsziele und didaktische Prinzipien eines Buches zur Einführung in das IT Management

submitted by: reschol
Verfasser einfuehrender Lehrbuecher tragen eine besondere Verantwortung, da ihre Leser unter Umstaenden erst sehr viel spaeter bemerken, ob sie durch die Lektuere etwas Nuetzliches gelernt haben. Um dieser hohen Verantwortung zu genuegen, wurden, als Basis fuer ein neues Buch zur Einfuehrung in das IT Management, zunaechst dessen Qualifikationsziele und die zu beachtenden didaktischen Prinzipien in einem wissenschaftlichen Prozess ermittelt. Von besonderem Interesse war die Meinung von...
Authors: Olaf Resch