Crime Prevention through Public Art

submitted by: kevinhighland

Research project abstract: Current studies suggest that Crime Prevention through Environmental Design (CPTED) is an effective way to reduce criminal activity. While public art is briefly mentioned as a CPTED tool, it has never been adequately analyzed or tested in crime prevention literature.

Affordable Housing Gone Green

submitted by: kkle

The study of green affordable housing versus conventional affordable housing development in the City of Poway, California.

Promoting sustainable transportation options: Bicycle Master Planning at UC San Diego

submitted by: TylerLau
Senior Project focused on bicycle planning on university campuses. Three case studies focused on UC Davis, UC Berkeley and UC San Diego and their bicycle plans. The data collected helped determine the needs of the different campuses and the reasons for their bicycle plans and how they affected sustainability. Research was conducted through surveys, interviews, direct observations and review of scholarly literature. Findings include a need for an updated Bicycle Master Plan at UC San Diego...