Bodega Marine Lab & Reserve: Host of the 2011 OBFS

submitted by: kkwaiser

Overview of the 2011 OBFS Conference to be hosted by Bodega Marine Laboratory & Reserve.

Video is from the 2010 Annual Meeting of the Organization of Biological Field Stations (OBFS) hosted by the University of Michigan Biological Station (UMBS).

Tip of the Week: iTol

submitted by: OpenHelix

Our latest weekly tip on the Interactive Tree of Life, iTOL. You can find out more at our blog

Biomimicry makes Science Cool

submitted by: NatureSweetheart

Biomimicry is the science of looking at nature for solutions to problems and inspiration for inventions. A 7 year old, passionate about nature, animals and space, shares a few fun facts about biomimicry.

Science is Cool

submitted by: catherinecalhoun

This video is the work of 6 fifth grade students at Bains Elementary in Saint Francisville, Louisiana. The students are doing a hand clap jingle about Dr. Science -- and how science is cool.

Science rox!!

submitted by: sarahalanna

A video about multiple types of sciences that are popular everywhere today and why they are cool.

Barcoding Life to Conserve Biological Diversity: Beyond the Taxonomic Imperative

submitted by: iBOL
In the 250 years since the Swedish scientist Carl Linnaeus first started classifying organisms, taxonomists have formally described roughly 1.7 million species. Although seemingly large, this number represents only a small fraction of the estimated tens of millions of species on the planet. Moreover, human activities are causing the extinction of species hundreds of times faster than the natural rate of extinction found in the fossil record. Fully one-third of all species on the planet may...
Authors: Ronnie Vernooy, Ejnavarzala Haribabu, Manuel ruiz Muller, Joseph henry Vogel, Paul d. n. Hebert, David e. Schindel, Junko Shimura, Gregory a. c. Singer