Influenza surveillance: Should we be monitoring swine herds? (MWV38)

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Pandemic H1N1 virus may be or may soon become endemic in large modern swine confinement facilities. Despite this, there is a paucity of influenza surveillance that is currently being conducted among swine populations. Watch Dr. Jeff Fox, Features Editor for Microbe Magazine interview Dr. Gregory Gray, University of Florida, Gainesville, about the importance of conducting influenza surveillance among pigs and workers in these facilities in hopes that we might quickly detect the emergence...

Plataforma de Genotipagem

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Projeto componente 4 do Macroprograma 1 da Embrapa - Rede genômica Animal.

Topsail Turtles

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Topsail Island, North Carolina is a northern nesting beach of threatened Loggerhead Sea Turtles. Here the residents have helped protect the turtles that visit the island during the nesting season. Beach walkers watch for turtle nests, pick up trash and report injured turtles. The island commerce has decided not to import new sand like most beaches, so the composition of the sand for incubation of turtle eggs doesn't change. The Karen Beasley Sea Turtle Rescue and Rehabilitation Center...

Validação de polimorfismos de base única

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Validação de polimorfismos de base única

Introduction to the RGD Phenotypes and Models Portal

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Despite what our name might imply, the Rat Genome Database contains much more than just genomic and genetic data for the rat. This video will give you an overview of the RGD Phenotypes and Models portal—a rich resource of information on topics including animal husbandry, identifying what rat strains are good models for certain human diseases, and normal physiological measurements for a variety of rat strains.

The Global Education Framework - Preparing the Workforce of the Future - Part 2

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Professor Dr. Badrul Khan, president and founder of McWeadon Education (, USA presented his Global Education Framework: Preparing the Workforce of the Future at the Global HR Forum 2008 Conference held in Seoul, Korea.