Auto-hemotherapy by Dr. Luiz Moura

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Autohemotherapy: an immunization with our own blood Talking to Dr. Luiz Moura (Dr. Moura uses Autohemotherapy(AHT) since 1943) What is auto-hemotherapy? It is a simple technique where by drawing blood from a vein and injecting it into a muscle stimulates an increase of macrophages that are, let us say, the "municipal cleaning company" of the organism. The macrophages carry out a cleansing of everything. They eliminate bacterias, viruses and cancerous cells which are called...

A genomic encyclopedia of bacteria and archaea

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A talk by Jonathan Eisen at the GME 2007 Conference

Tip of the Week: LAMHDI for animal models

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Searching for animal model sources is made easy with the LAMHDI database. for additional details and links.

SDSU Geological Sciences - Thesis Defense - Marty Koehler

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The Accumulation and Distribution of Copper and Zinc on an Agricultural Field Fertilized With Liquid Swine Manure Marty Koehler M.S. Candidate Department of Geological Sciences San Diego State University Advisor Dr. David Kimbrough Friday, December 10th, 2010 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ABSTRACT Liquid swine manure fertilizer (LSM) replenishes micronutrients into cropland but also contributes heavy metals that accumulate...

One Health and Lessons Learned from the 1999 West Nile Virus Outbreak (MWV46)

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In episode 46 of MicrobeWorld Video, filmed at the American Association for the Advancement of Science Meeting in Washington, D.C., Dr. Stan Maloy talks with Tracey McNamara, professor of pathology at Western University of Health Sciences College of Veterinary Medicine, about her role as the head pathologist at the Bronx Zoo during the 1999 West Nile virus outbreak in New York City. As several local residents were hospitalized with encephalitis of unknown origin, many crows and exotic zoo...

Camel bull in rut period

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The camel is in rut. The male camel in rut is ready for breeding. He is urinating on his tail and grinding his teeth. He is restlest.