Octanoate and Nonanoate Oxidation Increases 50-80% Over the First Two Days of Life in Piglet Triceps Brachii and Gracilis Muscle Strips

submitted by: Thomas D. Crenshaw
An in vitro muscle strip incubation system was developed to measure the rate of catabolism of 1 mmol/L [1-14C]octanoate, 1 mmol/L [1-14C]nonanoate, 1mmol/L [9-14C]nonanoate and 10 mmol/L [U-14C]glucose by measuring the recovery of 14CO2. Muscle strips (13 mm?1.5 mm ~50 mg) were isolated from triceps brachii and gracilis muscles of newborn and 2 d old, small (<950 g) and large (>1450 g) piglets. The position of the 14C label in the substrate affected the rate and amount of recovery in...
Authors: M.A. Tetrick, T.D. Crenshaw, N.J. Benevenga

Video Tip of the Week: OMIA, Online Mendelian Inheritance in Animals

submitted by: OpenHelix

The OMIA database specializes in traits of animals that are not typical laboratory animals. For more details and links visit http://blog.openhelix.eu/?p=11073

Targeted Drug Melts Fat in Obese Monkeys

submitted by: mdanderson
An anti-obesity drug that homes in on and destroys blood vessels that support fat reduced the weight of obese rhesus monkeys by 11 percent in one month. It also trimmed their waistlines by eradicating 27 percent of their abdominal fat. Obesity raises a person's risk for developing breast, ovarian, prostate, colon and other cancers and also hinders treatment for cancer patients. Scientists at The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center who developed the drug discuss results of the...

A guide for removing the facial muscles and bones of a Carpiodes cyprinus (Cypriniformes)

submitted by: eagrey

This video walks you through 5 steps to quickly remove the facial muscles and bones of a large Carpiodes cyprinus (Cypriniformes: Catostomidae) in order to view the gill arch structures.

Is Auto-hemotheraphy psychological? (placebo)

submitted by: Auto-hemotherapy
Is Auto-hemotheraphy psychological? (placebo) Skin disease in Akita Inu dog cured with auto-hemotherapy(AHT). Akita Inu had a skin disease typical to these dogs, as they are from a cold region (Himalaya). These images prove to anyone who wants to see with their own eyes the effects of AHT. Telma Geovanini: Nursing Master Degree Auto-hemotherapy Researcher AUTO-HEMOTHERAPY HAS 98 TO 99% SUCCESS Dr. JORGE GONZÁLEZ RAMÍREZ Mexican Scientist - 3 PhDs Human and animal immune...

DNA Barcoding and biodiversity of the Mediterranean sea

submitted by: irenes
Today only about 250,000 marine species have been described, with a underestimation of biodiversity at all levels. Identify every species is a challenging job and the taxonomic approaches are not sufficient to complete the work. DNA Barcoding has recently been developed, a method that analyses a short sequence of mitochondrial DNA to identify taxa. An innovative support for the study of marine biodiversity: to ascertain the true correspondence between unknown and known species, the genetic...