The Republican War on Science

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Renowned science scholar Naomi Oreskes hosts Chris Mooney, author of the bestselling book "The Republican War on Science", a "well-researched, closely argued and amply referenced indictment of the right wing's assault on science and scientists" (Scientific American) Series: UCSD Guestbook [Public Affairs] [Humanities] [Science] [Show ID: 11646]
UCTV: UC San Diego
27 min 54 sec - May 14, 2006

Gummy Bear Experiment - Conversion of Bond Energy to Heat Energy & Light Energy

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This cool science experiment illustrates the conversion of bond energy to heat energy and Light Energy. It is also a good demonstration cellular respiration. At the Regents Tutor will help you prepare for your class or Regents Exam. Take online video lessons, interactive exam questions with video answers, review sheets, live chat and other tools to help you improve your grades. Current subjects include Chemistry and The Living Environment (Biology). Check the...

science experiment with acetic acid and sodium bicarbonate

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science experiment with acetic acid and sodium bicarbonate (baking soda and vinegar) giving off carbon dioxide among other things


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Bioterrorism is the utilization of microorganisms or toxins in order to produce a disease and/or death in human beings, animals or plants. Different from conventional weaponry, relatively economic means are used that allow the elimination of living beings without destroying the surrounding atmosphere. The most probably method for spread of bioweapons is aerial transmission, continuing into water supplies and food. The CDC (US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Atlanta) has...

wisskomm tv 12/08

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German vodcast about science communications. Klimawandel!? Diskussionen dazu bei Wissenslogs hier und hier und bei ScienceBlogs ( hier und hier ). Sehr interessant: Die Videos von Greg Craven bei Youtube und das Manpollo-Projekt , bei dem man hier mitmachen kann. Roboterprojekte für Kinder: Robinson und Roberta . Außerdem: Die Kleine Geschichte der Naturillustration in Wiesbaden, der Publikumspreis "Wissenschaft interaktiv" und eine Videokonferenz für eine...


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Recent studies suggest that, as in other aging syndromes, the Hutchinson-Gilford syndrome is due at to a defect in the mechanism of DNA repair. Mutations have been found in the Lamin A gene (LMNA) situated on chromosome 1.