David Gordon (University of Washington) at the 2012 SFAF Meeting

submitted by: JGI

David Gordon on "Consed with Next-Gen Data and BAM Files" at the 2012 Sequencing, Finishing, Analysis in the Future Meeting held June 5-7, 2012 in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Innovations in Automated Sample Preparation (Webinar)

submitted by: Chrom Solutions
This webinar presents innovations in automated sample preparation workflows that greatly shorten and simplify sample preparation processes before chromatographic analysis. The experts present case studies and examples of using automated sample preparation in food safety, environmental contamination and alternate energy research. Speakers: Douglas E. Raynie (South Dakota University), Bruce E. Richter (Thermo Fisher Scientific). Visit http://bit.ly/zKM6ro for more information.

Sample Preparation Techniques for Ion Chromatography (Webinar)

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Experts discuss the newest technologies that automate and simplify preparation of solid, airborne, or liquid samples before ion chromatography analysis, and how to save time, money, and increase sample throughput through automation. The experts also review automated pretreatment for liquid samples and present environmental, industrial, power, and food applications that highlight new inline matrix elimination technology. Speakers: Mark Manahan (COSA Instrument Corp), Russell Long, (US EPA),...

RFIC High-Purity Eluents & Reagents for Environmental & Pharmaceutical Applications (Webinar)

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This webinar provides an overview of reagent-free ion chromatography (RFIC) technology, its uses and benefits through key environmental and pharmaceutical applications, and how to spend less time on eluent preparation, method verification, troubleshooting and consistency checks, and more time on your analysis. Speakers: John Madden, Richard Jack, & Yan Liu from Thermo Fisher Scientific. Visit http://bit.ly/zOsoyd for more information.

EPA 525.2 for the Analysis of Organic Contaminants in Water (Webinar)

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This webinar reviews EPA Method 525.2 (SPE-GC-MS method) for the analysis of organic contaminants in drinking water. In order to achieve the low detection limits, water samples are extracted and concentrated prior to injection into the GC-MS. Automated systems remove the laborious, less accurate steps of vacuum systems and at the same time, save solvent and cost less overall. Speakers: Beau Sullivan (Santa Clara Valley Water District), Richard Jack (Thermo Fisher Scientific). Visit...

New Approaches for Analysis of Amino Acids by Liquid Chromatography (Webinar)

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The focus of this webinar is to help laboratories evaluate different approaches to high-speed amino acid analysis with liquid chromatography with regard to speed of analysis, sample preparation requirements, matrix elimination requirements, sensitivity, and cost per analysis. Examples from nutrition science and fermentation technology are discussed. Speakers: Andreas Dunkel (Technische Universität München), Frank Steiner (Thermo Fisher Scientific). For more information, visit:...