4k digital Cinema [on a budget]

submitted by: BenjaminLotan

experiments in high resolution (4k) film. see clips at benjaminlotan.com

Wave Field Synthesis Research

submitted by: toshiroy

Wave field synthesis is an emerging sound reproduction technique that is capable of producing 3D sound field. This research is aimed to investigate a practical use of this technology.

Portia: a low cost, high accuracy method of three dimensional location tracking

submitted by: sbrowning

The aim of Portia is to develop a low cost, high accuracy method of three dimensional location tracking that can be constructed with commonly available parts, and set up with relative ease. Portia is intended to be used as an interface for a matrix of computer displays, named OptiPortal, also developed at CALIT2.

Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Personal Information Database

submitted by: scivee-team

I intend to design a database that will encompass information from clinical data, genetic information, functional magnetic resonance information, and high-resolution anatomical functional for a sizable amount of patients. It will allow for easy access to this information, and a way to quickly add or edit information in the database.

The Electronic Violin Project

submitted by: ifanchiu

The purpose of this project is to experiment with interaction between two electronic violins and develop a compositional model themed after information technology and telecommunications. The product of this summer's work will be a performance at CalIT2, demonstrating not only the new electronic violin composition but some of the unique features of the Calit2 auditorium.

Optimal Control of a High-Volume Assemble-to-Order System

submitted by: alexmatthews

This talk was given by Amy R. Ward from the University of Southern California.

It was part of the 2008 Advanced Network Sciences Lecture Series held at Calit2.