Who Wants to be a Researchaire?

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Talk by Ruediger Urbanke about "Who Wants to be a Researchaire?"

David Slepian Memorial Session

submitted by: dougramsey

Jack Wolf, Andrew Viterbi, Dave Forney, Thomas Cover, Toby Berger, Richard Blahut

Portal of Damage on Grid

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Application Demo: http://applications.eu-eela.eu/application_details.php?ID=44
Authors: Julio Florez, Vanessa Hamar

Getaneh Agegn Alemu

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Getaneh Agegn Alemu discusses his work in information science at the ICTP workshop on Using Open Access Models for Scientific Dissemination

Ebenezer Oluwasasen

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Ebenezer Oluwasasen speaks about his work in grid computing at the ICTP Workshop on Using Open Access Models for Scientific Dissemination.

2nd EELA Conference - interview with Claudio Cherubino

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BELIEF-EELA International Conference, 25-28 June 2007, Rio de Janeiro - Brazil