A Game-Based Approach for Collecting Semantic Music Annotations

submitted by: LukeThivierge

To create a collection of online games to generate significant amounts of high-quality semantic labels that will be used to organize, search, recommend, retrieve and describe huge - and growing - music collections. Imagine an extensive music database like Pandora where you can search for music by describing it like "fast tempo with bagpipes, distorted guitar, and multi-part vocal harmonies" or "eerie Halloween music on a synthesizer."

Weather Data Management System

submitted by: attan

My current small project that im just doing right now for Professor Jan Jkleissl and the team in MAE171B is simply a scrap and fetching the generated data. the idea of integrating php as a scrapper and a shell script to fetch the data that has been generated by the php itself to help getting valuable datas from many weather channels on the internet that are out there.

Nanowire Solar Cells

submitted by: TedSanders

I spent the summer of 2008 modeling the light absorption of nanowire solar cells.

Corrosion-Enabled Powering Approach for Structural Health Monitoring Sensor Networks

submitted by: SEtriton641985

This goal of this project is to power a novel sensor node by creating a battery from corroding reinforced concrete. The application of this technology would benefit civil infrastructure by implementing an autonomous power source for Structural Health Monitoring sensor networks.

Gridmouse: Using mobile phones to navigate large public displays

submitted by: aostberg

I will be studying how best to use a cell phone to quickly and efficiently manipulate information on a large public display. The goal is for users to be able to employ the familiar interface of their cell phone to conveniently, accurately, and quickly navigate and interact with a display.

How Real Can We Be? Experiencing the Virtual Reality: A Dynamic 3D Model of the Calit2 Building

submitted by: zmz45

Building from an existing project in the Calit2 Immersive Visualization Lab, this research continues to develop a 3D digital model of the Calit2 building and its surroundings, where dynamic elements such as light sources, operating elevators, and automatic doors were added to offer a realistic sense to the artificial model.