Fabrication of vertical silicon nanowire arrays using nanolithography

submitted by: aohoka09

The determination of thermal conductivity of nanostructures, in addition to its scientific importance, is applicable to characterization of heat utilization efficiency and energy conversion. My objective is to develop a thermal conductivity measurement system for nanoscale devices, based on the 3-omega method.

A Distributed Acoustic Localization System using Clusters of Microphones.

submitted by: vishal.k

There currently are systems that can determine with relative accuracy the source of a sound, but these systems rely on a central unit to process all necessary calculations. The goal of my project is to explore a distributive method which generates vectors and computes the location cooperatively among all the clusters, and compare it to the centralized method in existence.

Plasmonics for Sensing Applications

submitted by: akher

Surface plasmons are oscillations in electron density formed at the interface between a metal and an insulator. The project will use surface plasmon resonance on 2D nanohole arrays for biological sensing.

A Game-Based Approach for Collecting Semantic Music Annotations

submitted by: LukeThivierge

To create a collection of online games to generate significant amounts of high-quality semantic labels that will be used to organize, search, recommend, retrieve and describe huge - and growing - music collections. Imagine an extensive music database like Pandora where you can search for music by describing it like "fast tempo with bagpipes, distorted guitar, and multi-part vocal harmonies" or "eerie Halloween music on a synthesizer."

Weather Data Management System

submitted by: attan

My current small project that im just doing right now for Professor Jan Jkleissl and the team in MAE171B is simply a scrap and fetching the generated data. the idea of integrating php as a scrapper and a shell script to fetch the data that has been generated by the php itself to help getting valuable datas from many weather channels on the internet that are out there.

Nanowire Solar Cells

submitted by: TedSanders

I spent the summer of 2008 modeling the light absorption of nanowire solar cells.