Nanowire Solar Cells

submitted by: TedSanders

I spent the summer of 2008 modeling the light absorption of nanowire solar cells.

Corrosion-Enabled Powering Approach for Structural Health Monitoring Sensor Networks

submitted by: SEtriton641985

This goal of this project is to power a novel sensor node by creating a battery from corroding reinforced concrete. The application of this technology would benefit civil infrastructure by implementing an autonomous power source for Structural Health Monitoring sensor networks.

Gridmouse: Using mobile phones to navigate large public displays

submitted by: aostberg

I will be studying how best to use a cell phone to quickly and efficiently manipulate information on a large public display. The goal is for users to be able to employ the familiar interface of their cell phone to conveniently, accurately, and quickly navigate and interact with a display.

How Real Can We Be? Experiencing the Virtual Reality: A Dynamic 3D Model of the Calit2 Building

submitted by: zmz45

Building from an existing project in the Calit2 Immersive Visualization Lab, this research continues to develop a 3D digital model of the Calit2 building and its surroundings, where dynamic elements such as light sources, operating elevators, and automatic doors were added to offer a realistic sense to the artificial model.

4k digital Cinema [on a budget]

submitted by: BenjaminLotan

experiments in high resolution (4k) film. see clips at

Wave Field Synthesis Research

submitted by: toshiroy

Wave field synthesis is an emerging sound reproduction technique that is capable of producing 3D sound field. This research is aimed to investigate a practical use of this technology.