How to Use the Sprint Coverage Map

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Video: How to use the Sprint coverage map to see how the service will be in your area or an area that you are visiting

How to Change the Security on a Mobile Broadband Router

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Video: How to change the security settings on a Cradlepoint CTR350 CTR500 PHS300 MBR1000 or Kyocera KR2 router.

How to Connect a Mobile Broadband Antenna to Data Card

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Video: How to connect a mobile broadband antenna using a broadband card and antenna adapter.

The Rapidly Growing Standards Landscape in ‘omics by Susanna Sansone, European Bioinformatics Institute

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As the size and complexity of scientific datasets and the corresponding information stores grow, reporting standards are playing an increasingly active role. Interopera bility among standards, however, becomes pivotal for the development of software applications. Here we present the key synergistic standards activities in the omics domain and the motivation for, an overview of, the BioInvestigation Index infrastructure at the EBI. The marriage of conventional methods with (meta)genomics,...

How to Reconnect Your Router After Changing Security

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Video: How to reconnect after changing security on the Cradlepoint and Kyocera KR2 routers.

How to Find the Password for a Cradlepoint or KR2 Router

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Video: The Cradlepoint and Kyocera KR2 routers come with a default password. Check out the video to see how to find the password.