Q-tensor Theory: Introduction

submitted by: icamvid

Q-tensor Theory: Introduction by Dr. Nigel Mottram, University of Strathclyde

An Introduction to Liquid Crystals

submitted by: icamvid

An Introduction to Liquid Crystals by Dr. John Goodby and Dr. Stephen Cowling, University of York

SETAS Technology Fair at Centennial College

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Welcome to the School of Engineering Technology and Applied Science (SETAS). We are in an era of change, innovation and new technologies that drive the way we experience life. Our programs consist of new, leading-edge technologies, higher standards, and the introduction of exciting and innovative approaches to the way we engage all our communities for the ultimate benefit of our students.

A videoscope for use in minimally invasive periodontal surgery

submitted by: skharrel
Abstract Introduction: Minimally invasive periodontal procedures have been reported to produce excellent clinical results. Visualization during minimally invasive procedures has traditionally been obtained by the use of surgical telescopes, surgical microscopes, glass fibre endoscopes or a combination of these devices. All of these methods for visualization are less than fully satisfactory due to problems with access, magnification and blurred imaging. Clinical Innovation: A...
Authors: SK Harrel, TG Wilson Jr, F Rivera-Hidalgo

Feature Based Terrain Modeling

submitted by: apryl

Author: Ali Charara, PhD Candidate
Supervisor: Alyn Rockwood, Professor of Applied Mathematics
Assisted by: Eduard Wisernig, Mousumi Pain

Volume Visualization and Compositing on Large Scale Displays Using Handheld Touchscreen Interaction

submitted by: apryl

KAUST graduate student, Cristhopper Armenta Gastelum, describes his research.