An Investment Today, A Sustainable Tomorrow

submitted by: cklou

Efforts to encourage participants in traffic reduction programs

Novel cell-based and materials science approach to target Glioblastoma brain cancer tumors

submitted by: nsf

Stefan Bossmann and Deryl Troyer at Kansas State University are developing a novel materials treatment method for persons with brain cancer that uses a type of white blood cell to deliver anticancer drugs to particularly virulent brain tumors.

Magnetic Thinker

submitted by: SirZerp

If the statue was made of Neodymium and magnetized thru the vertical axis, the colors show the energy levels and the white dots show the magnetic 'B' field lines.

CES 2014: Barobo robots teach children algebra

submitted by: nsf

At the Consumer Electronics Show, CES 14, Barobo, Inc. showed the NSF their robot that helps teach children algebra in a completely new way. By taking algebra off the page and into the physical world, Barobo aims to inspire a new generation of mathematicians.

CES 2014: Innovega's wearable electronics allows users to see objects up close

submitted by: nsf

At the Consumer Electronics Show, CES 14, Innovega gave the National Science Foundation a demo of their contact lens, glasses technology that allows users to view things far in the distance and right in front of their face.

CES 2014: Rehabtek changes medical rehab methods

submitted by: nsf

At the Consumer Electronics Show, Rehabtek is shaking up the medical rehab industry with robotics like their ankle model designed to help children with it's interactive games.

Rehabtek is one of nearly 30 exhibitors funded by NSF this week at Eureka Park, which features new grassroots technology.

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