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Innovations in Left Ventricular Assist Device (LVAD) Technology

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Dr. John Ikonomidis, Chief of the Cardiothoracic Surgery at MUSC Health, discusses innovations (smaller devices, pulsatile technology) in Left Ventricular Assist Device (LVAD) technology and how the LVAD can act as bridge therapy for patients seeking a heart transplant.

Nolan Ryan, Eddie Fisher, and Science Communication - Scientists & Engineers on Sofas

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Laurie Howell of the NSF sits down with Dr. Moira Gunn in this episode of Scientists & Engineers on Sofas (and other furnishings). Dr. Gunn is an engineer and science communicator, hosting the popular TechNation radio show.

Credit: National Science Foundation

Collaboratively Exploring Virtual Worlds: Beyond Today’s Internet

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The Mars Rover game introduces educational content in a fun and rewarding 3D gaming experience. Students must work together to solve puzzles as they learn to navigate a damaged rover across the surface of the red planet. Along the way, they learn programming and math.   The Pentagon’s Office of Training and Readiness Strategy’s Advanced Distributed Learning laboratory worked with Lockheed Martin’s Mission Systems and Training and US Ignite to create a platform for distributed,...

3D Tele-Rehabilitation: Beyond Today’s Internet

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At the Beyond Today’s Internet Summit, researchers from The University of Texas at Dallas showed a working prototype of a next generation communication system that uses 3D video and force feedback devices to virtually recreate a physical therapy session between a patient and a therapist.   3D models of the two participants are captured using off the shelf Microsoft Kinect 3D Cameras and the models are placed in a shared virtual environment of one’s choosing. To simulate the physical...

"WeHab" system helps stroke patients during physical rehabilitation

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An engineer, a computer scientist, and a psychologist walk into a rehabilitation clinic carrying a video game system. Rather than the beginning of a bad joke, this is an apt description of a Smart and Connected Health (SCH) research project.      Stroke is a major health problem affecting nearly 800,000 Americans annually and necessitates novel scientific approaches for prevention, treatment, and restorative care.   Smart and Connected Health investigators have successfully...