This video shows recovery of David after his inguinal hernia repair done in India

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A STORY OF MR. DAVID FROM USA LOS ANGELES IS WORTH LISTENING: Mr. David said that he did not wish to insert a foreign body like mesh in his body for hernia repair. He had heard from his friends and well wishers and also read and learnt from the internet about complications of a foreign body or mesh and the chances of recurrences after mesh repair. He made an immense research on the internet for any available technique of hernia repair that does not use mesh. He found to his amazement that...

Dr. Leslie Cooper Jr discusses Nov 9 2009 Mayo Clinic Proceedings article on viral myocarditis

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Dr. Leslie Cooper Jr, Cardiologist at Mayo Clinic, discusses the diagnosis and treatment of viral myocarditis (article available at

Medical Animation - Drug eluting stent

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Medical animation of drug eluting stent shows animation for Guidant, we show microscopic and macroscopic views through a picture-in-picture. Mechanism of action (MOA produced for medical companies, pharmaceutical companies, biotechnology, marketing agencies, medical professionals. For more information about medical animation visit

Novel Spinal Cord Stimulator Sparks Hope for Parkinson’s Disease Treatment

Content: The future treatment of Parkinson’s disease may target the spinal cord instead of the brain to help alleviate the slow, rigid movements and tremors that are the hallmarks of the disease. Researchers at Duke University Medical Center have developed and tested a first-of-its-kind device that rapidly restored motor function in mice with the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. Miguel Nicolelis, M.D., Ph.D., senior study investigator and Anne W. Deane Professor of Neuroscience: "We...

A method for reduction of anesthetic waste gases produced by rodent induction chambers

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Reducing waste gas exposure produced by induction chambers

Unpacking the Wisdom of Crowds

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In this talk, Dr.Scott E. Page, University of Michigan, will present three models for explaining the wisdom of crowds phenomenon, in which collections make better predictions than the individuals that comprise them. The first two models will be traditional models based on error cancellation and averaging. The third will be based on aggregating diverse predictive models using a framework developed by Hong and Page (2008). This talk is part of Calit2's 2008-2009 Behavioral, Social and Computer...