Do objects have weight in space? - Take your classroom into space

submitted by: cristina
What's the difference between mass and weight? Do objects have weight in space? Students using ESAs 'Take Your Classroom into Space' kit and this video recorded in the unique environment of the ISS can now find out. The experiment was proposed by Greek, Belgian and Spanish teachers who participated to the ESA competition 'Take Your Classroom into Space'.


submitted by: ecristallini
Exposición y defensa de Tesis Doctoral Tesista: Daniel Yagupsky Director Ernesto Cristallini Abstract A METHOD FOR STUDYING COMPRESSIVE SYSTEMS AND THEIR STRUCTURAL CONTROLS An experimental method for structurally analyzing regions subjected to compressive stresses is developed in this work, exploring the influence of some previous features of the materials involved. By means of analogue models, and using the GEODEF 1.1 software designed, the hypotheses proposed for understanding...

Implementing Sustainable Practices and Elements in University City

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This study seeks to improve the pedestrian environment in University City. The community is very automobile-dependent, but characteristics of the community (land uses and densities) promote sustainability efforts.

SDSU Geological Sciences - Thesis - Kieri Hutchins

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Late Devonian Alamo Impact, Southern Nevada: Analysis of Hematite Inclusions within Quartz Grains Kieri Hutchin B.S. Candidate Department of Geological Sciences San Diego State University Advisor Dr. Jared Morrow -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ABSTRACT The early Late Devonian (~382 Ma) Alamo event was produced by a marine bolide impact near the offshore margin of a large Paleozoic carbonate platform fringing western North America,...

SDSU Geological Sciences - Thesis - Marck Maroun

submitted by: tcarrasc
Major and minor elemental analyses of distal channel deposits from the Late Devonian marine Alamo Impact Event Marck Maroun B.S. Candidate Department of Geological Sciences San Diego State University Advisor Dr. Jared Morrow -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ABSTRACT This study determined the geochemical signal—major and trace element composition as well as a potential extraterrestrial component, iridium—of distal, onshore channel...

Three Biggest Mistakes in Science, Part 3/3 - Inverse Square Law of Gravity

submitted by: kmarasakatla

Our understanding of fundamental concepts like force, definition of mass and the inverse square law of gravity appears to be flawed. Our entire underdstanding of science is dependent on these very basic concepts. This three part series explores the validity of these concepts.

Series: Concept of Force, Definition of Mass, Inverse square law of Gravity