Electrodynamic Space Thruster

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Propulsion System
using a
Phase-shifted Array of Transverse Impulse Drive

Cool Space Science

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This video shows why science is cool. Science helps us do cool things like build spacesuits, lunar landers and all terrain rovers that allow us to explore space and other planets.

Why Science is Cool

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The contents of this video says and shows why science is cool

Science is Cool!

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This video expresses my thoughts on why science is cool.
thank you online science community for providing me video clips and images

UH Scientist Gives New Age to ALH84001

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Through the study of a popular Martian meteorite’s age, a University of Houston professor and his team have made significant discoveries about the timeline of volcanic activity on Mars. Thomas Lapen, assistant professor of geosciences at UH, describes his team’s findings in a paper titled “A Younger Age for ALH84001 and its Geochemical Link to Shergottite Sources in Mars,” appearing April 16 in Science, the world’s leading journal of original scientific research, global news...

Do objects have weight in space? - Take your classroom into space

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What's the difference between mass and weight? Do objects have weight in space? Students using ESAs 'Take Your Classroom into Space' kit and this video recorded in the unique environment of the ISS can now find out. The experiment was proposed by Greek, Belgian and Spanish teachers who participated to the ESA competition 'Take Your Classroom into Space'. http://www.esa.int/esaHS/education.html