Innovative Urban Design: The Case of Octavia Boulevard

submitted by: MaiaMaria

This is an introduction to my Senior Research Project in March 2010

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly: A Transition Towards Smarter Growth

submitted by: jlgarber

In 2002, the California Department of Transportation published a study, Statewide Transit-Oriented Development Study: Factors for Success in California. This study analyzed all of the TODs in California and presented recommendations for California on how to improve future developments. The premise of my study was to find a correlation between the Caltrans study, policy changes in San Diego, and recommendations to the state.

Scrap tires in San Bernardo, Tijuana

submitted by: gmoreira

the impact of scrap tires on the built and environmental infrastructure.

Las Colinas Jail Expansion approved in Santee, Ca

submitted by: jtran

Key Terms: environmental justice, land use planning, Las Colinas Women's Detention Facility of Santee, NIMBY, Prison industrial complex

A San Diego Ethnic Business Cluster: A Case Study of the Proposed Little Saigon on El Cajon Boulevard

submitted by: tnguyen

A research project analyzing ethnic enclaves and their ability to become an ethnic business cluster, specifically a proposed Little Saigon in San Diego.

Scrap tires in San Bernardo

submitted by: gmoreira
In this research I discovered two major findings. The first has to do with the level of impact tires have on the structural environment. I found that tires are good to use for structural support of walls, however, they have to be very sturdy in order to hold when there are landslides or it rains. Therefore, since it rains a lot in TJ, using tires as support for walls is not very safe. Typically researchers view tires as polluting the environment. I found that tires do not pollute the...