Alcohol Risk Management in College Settings The Safer California Universities Randomized Trial

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Context: Potentially effective environmental strategies have been recommended to reduce heavy alcohol use among college students. However, studies to date on environmental prevention strategies are few in number and have been limited by their nonexperimental designs, inadequate sample sizes, and lack of attention to settings where the majority of heavy drinking events occur. Purpose: To determine whether environmental prevention strategies targeting off-campus settings would reduce the...
Authors: Robert Saltz, Mj Paschall, Richard Mcgaffigan, Peter Nygaard

A História das Coisas

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História do Trabalho

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vídeo sobre a história do trabalho

The Importance of Open Access Publishing

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In this interview Christoph Bartneck argues for the importance of open access publishing in the academic world.

Bellanger / Verdicchio: Open Access und die Konfiguration der Publikationslandschaften

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Open Access und die Konfiguration der Publikationslandschaften Silke Bellanger (Zentral- und Hochschulbibliothek Luzern) & Dirk Verdicchio (Uni Basel) ABSTRACT In der wissenschaftlichen Praxis scheint Open Access nur Vorteile zu bringen. Da Open Access-Werke mit einem normalen Internetzugang von überall her zugänglich sind, entfallen die Notwendigkeit auf Zeitschriften über bestimmte IP-Adressen zu zugreifen ebenso wie die Kosten und die Wartezeiten bei Artikelbeschaffungen....

Saving Young Lives in Zambia

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Anti-malarial drugs are being used inappropriately for sick children in Zambia -- a problem that can be addressed by arming community health workers with a simple rapid-diagnostic test and a supply of antibiotics, a study led by researchers at Boston University School of Public Health has found. Listen to Kojo Yeboah-Antwi, assistant professor of international health at BUSPH, and David Hamer, professor of international health at BUSPH, discuss the study. Learn more at...