Life, death and democracy

Challenging Democracy - 9th Dialogue on Science of the Academia Engelberg Foundation 2010 Life and death are traditional issues of democratic political reflection. They appear in different discussion contexts – from the question about life protection to death penalty. Over the past decades, technical-scientific developments have contributed to a new dynamic of the relation between death, life and politics. In his presentation, Professor Herbert Gottweis from the University of Vienna...

Challenges to democracy in the 21st century

Challenging Democracy - 9th Dialogue on Science of the Academia Engelberg Foundation 2010 In his introductory presentation, Professor Hanspeter Kriesi from the University of Zurich focused on the different areas of influence of economy and politics. That is why problems often arise. He stated that increasing globalization challenges basic requirements of democracy where decision-makers are approved by those who are affected by the decisions. However, this does not always apply in a...

Benign Violations: Making Immoral Behavior Funny

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Humor is an important, ubiquitous phenomenon; however, seemingly disparate conditions seem to facilitate humor. We integrate these conditions by suggesting that laughter and amusement result from violations that are simultaneously seen as benign. We investigated three conditions that make a violation benign and thus humorous: (a) the presence of an alternative norm suggesting that the situation is acceptable, (b) weak commitment to the violated norm, and (c) psychological distance from...
Authors: Caleb Warren, A. peter Mcgraw

Alcohol Risk Management in College Settings The Safer California Universities Randomized Trial

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Context: Potentially effective environmental strategies have been recommended to reduce heavy alcohol use among college students. However, studies to date on environmental prevention strategies are few in number and have been limited by their nonexperimental designs, inadequate sample sizes, and lack of attention to settings where the majority of heavy drinking events occur. Purpose: To determine whether environmental prevention strategies targeting off-campus settings would reduce the...
Authors: Robert Saltz, Mj Paschall, Richard Mcgaffigan, Peter Nygaard

A História das Coisas

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História do Trabalho

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vídeo sobre a história do trabalho