Hemianopic and Quadrantanopic Field Loss, Eye and Head Movements, and Driving

submitted by: jowood
Purpose: To compare eye and head movements, lane keeping and vehicle control of drivers with hemianopic and quadrantanopic field defects with controls, and to identify differences in these parameters between hemianopic and quadrantanopic drivers rated safe to drive by a clinical driving rehabilitation specialist (CDRS) compared to those rated as unsafe. Methods: Eye and head movements and lane-keeping were rated in 22 persons with homonymous hemianopic defects and 8 with quadrantanopic...
Authors: Lanning Kline, Dawn Decarlo, Ronald Braswell, Michael Vaphiades, Jennifer Elgin, Gerald Mcgwin, Joanne Wood, Cynthia Owsley

Public Health in Age of Globalization: Case Study Senegal

submitted by: mdiakhat

Understanding the political, cultural, and social implications necessary to develop efficient public health institutions in the developing world.

Truths and Fallacies Surrounding the Mortgage Interest Deduction: A Case Study of San Diego County

submitted by: jevans1357
The mortgage interest deduction (MID) represents the federal government’s largest housing subsidy. The MID is surrounded by significant debate regarding its equality and effectiveness. Opponents of the policy argue that it favors the rich, while supporters see it as a vital housing stimulus. The focus of this project is to provide a case study to use as complimentary evidence to the current literature, which is largely conceptual and policy based. To do this, the project is rooted in...

Building Community through Public Art Spaces

submitted by: ecvalenc

A Case Study of "The Writerz Blok" Graffiti Park in San Diego.
Senior Research Project: What impact do community art centers have on the neighborhood they reside in and how do the strategies used facilitate positive community development?

Mighty Oaks From Acorns Grow: Gompers Preparatory Academy as a model for Urban Education

submitted by: jgose

A case study on Gompers Preparatory Academy, a San Diego charter school. A review of statistical and policy based data to determine most effective aspects of charter in terms of improving academic performance.

The Citizen Impact on the Politics of Land Use and Planning

submitted by: ghk002
The geographical configuration of a city is not an outcome of chance. Rather, it is the result of pressure from various dependent needs such as that of the federal and local government, investors, large-scale financial institutions and private investors. So many different groups of varying objectives take an interest in local politics because change is most visibly implemented at the local level, and it is these local levels of change that most directly impacts individual lives. While the...